His-TEA-ory & Essence

Tea Zaanti was born of two things – a passion for outstanding tea and a desire to foster community. We’re a small company with a big dream – promoting peace one cup at a time. We believe true peace comes when people are given opportunities to improve their lives through better health and education. By sharing our love of quality, premium teas we are able to contribute to select featured charities who share our beliefs.

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Our Communi-TEA

At the heart of Chanoyu, the ‘way of tea’ is ichi-go ichi-e, a reminder that each experience must be treasured, as it can never be replicated.”
-David Celdran.

We believe in relationships. Relationships with our tea, relationships with owners Becky and Scott, and our amazing staff. Relationships with neighbors, customers, small businesses, and local non-profits. Keep conversations alive.

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Sustainability is a balancing act. To Tea Zaanti, sustainability means a lot of things; recycling (of course), composting our tea leaves to fertilize our garden and flowers. Further, utilizing solar panels, becoming a Benefit LLC, believing in the three P’s (People, Planet, Profit), and gaining an understanding of where our tea comes from. What does sustainability mean to you?